International Lego Grand Prize Winner (Steve Iuliano) - Moon to Mars (NASA)

International Lego Grand Prize Winner (Steve Iuliano) - Moon to Mars (NASA). Here's what Lego international judges said about the winning design:

Overall coolness and originality: 25%

The MMTS is a well-balanced and visually appealing spacecraft, featuring unique elements such as glass-domed observatories and rich internal detail.

Most inspired details:

25% In-flight spacecraft maintenance will be important so the tethered space-walking astronauts are a superb external detail. Internally, the gardens and living areas are whimsical and fun—the guitar is a fantastic addition (Former Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield would approve!).

Relevance to contest theme:

25% The round-trip flight path to Mars is about 2000 times farther than from Earth to the Moon and back—a mission to Mars may take astronauts away from Earth for more than two years. Such a lengthy expedition will require a large, reliable spaceship that can provide all the comforts of home, as well as laboratories for the crew to perform useful work during the long journey. The MMTS, which is “designed for lengthy journeys” thoughtfully provides laboratory space plus essential amenities such as gardens, café, medical bay, and gym.

Best use of LEGO elements:

25% The MMTS mixes many different types of LEGO elements making this a very interesting build, with potential for tailoring.



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